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Regnier, Pierre, University of Toulouse
Regoli, Daniele, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
Regua, Angelina, Upstate Medical University
Reich, Wendelin, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
Reichart, Roi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reichart, Roi, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Reichert, Sandro, Dresden University of Technology
Reichherzer, Thomas, University of West Florida
Reid, Alistair Smyth, National ICT Australia
Reid, Darryn, Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Reid, Ian, The University of Adelaide
Reidenberg, Joel, Fordham University
Reif, Emily, Brown University
Reilly, Adam, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
Reilly, Craig, University of Glasgow
Reilly, Scott Neal, Charles River Analytics
Reimer, Bryan, Massachusetts Institue of Technology
Reimer, Bryan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Reimer, M. Anthony, University of Illinois
Reimer, Michael, University of Toronto
Reimerink, Arianne, University of Granada
Reinefeld, Alexander, Zuse Institute Berlin
Reinefeld, Alexander, Zuse Institute Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu B
Reinhardt, Wolfgang, University of Paderborn
Reinhart, Joseph, North Carolina State University

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