GRACE and GEORGE: Autonomous Robots for the AAAI Robot Challenge

Reid Simmons, Allison Bruce, Dani Goldberg, Adam Goode, Michael Montemerlo, Nicholas Roy, Brennan Sellner, Chris Urmson, Alan Schultz, William Adams, Magda Bugajska, Matt MacMahon, Jessica Mink, Dennis Perzanowski, Stephanie Rosenthal, Scott Thomas, K. Bird, J. Fonda-Bonardi, R. Fooroghi, I. Forte, D. Goodwin, J. Griffin-Roosth, V. Griffin, H. Liebowitz, M. Pettengil, N. Phillips, and M. RandallIan Horswill, Robert Zubek, David Kortenkamp, Bryn Wolfe, Tod Milam, Bruce Maxwell

In an attempt to solve as much of the AAAI Robot Challenge as possible, five research institutions representing academia, industry and government, integrated their research on a pair of robots named GRACE and GEORGE. This paper describes the second year effort by the GRACE team, the various techniques each participant brought to GRACE, and the integration effort itself.

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