Interfacing IndiGolog and OAA - A Toolkit for Advanced Multiagent Applications

Alexei Lapouchnian and Yves Lesperance

In this paper we describe an interface library IG-OAAlib that supports the development of Open Agent Architecture (OAA) agents using the IndiGolog agent programming language. OAA is a multiagent infrastructure that supports facilitated communication. IndiGolog is a high-level agent programming language based on logic that supports planning and allows complex agent behaviours to be specified. Full-fledged IndiGolog agents written using our interface library can be both reactive and proactive, thus overcoming one of the limitations of the OAA framework. The interface hides all of the low-level procedures that are used to communicate with the OAA system as well as OAA initialization, thereby leaving the IndiGolog programmer free to concentrate on the functionality of the agent. A multirobot mail delivery application developed using the library is presented.

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