Generating Coordinated Natural Language and 3D Animations for Complex Spatial Explanations

Charles B. Callaway, Stuart G. Towns, and James C. Lester

Dynamically providing students with clear explanations of complex spatial concepts is critical for a broad range of knowledge-based educational and training systems. This calls for a realtime solution that can dynamically create 3D animated explanations that artfully integrate well-chosen speech. We present a visuo-linguistic framework for generating multimedia spatial explanations combining 3D animation and speech that complement one another. Because 3D animation planners require spatial knowledge in a geometric form and natural language generators require spatial knowledge in a linguistic form, a realtime multimedia planner interposed between the visual and linguistic components can serve as a mediator. This framework has been implemented in CINESPEAK, a multimedia explanation generator consisting of a visuolinguistic mediator, a 3D animation planner, and a realtime natural language generator with a speech synthesizer. CINESPEAK has been used in conjunction with a prototype 3D learning environment in the domain of physics to generate multimedia explanations of three dimensional electromagnetic fields, forces, and electrical current in realtime.

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