Automatic Construction of Processes from a Bond Graph Representation

Bernard Thétiot, Fakher Zouaoui, Michel Dumas, and Philippe Dague

The aim of this paper is to propose an automatic method to construct a process from a bond graph representatin. The system is described in a multimodeling approach. In this approach several models represent the functionnel knowledge: the functional role model and the process model. Functional roles are in correspondance with bond graph elements and it is shown that the causality and the orientation of the energy flow have to be taken into account in order to build the processes cofunctions. An algorithm is given which constructs these cofunctions from the bond graph representation. This method is applied to construct the processes of a nuclear power plant coolant loop and is illustrated on a simplified part of this system. The methods based on the multimodeling approach for interpreting or for diagnosing systems can usefully rely upon this automatic construction of processes.

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