Message from the Editor

Rita V. Rodriguez

Although not advertised as an annual event, this is the third AAAI Workshop on Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in as many NCAI meetings, and it parallels a similar series of workshops at all of the IJCAI meetings since 1993. We are pleased to welcome you to the workshop and the NCAI! These workshops hold a rather unique role of bringing together participants from diverse groups and interests while maintaining the common themes of space and time. All in attendance will, we trust, both contribute to and benefit from the discussions and presentations. Intersecting issues of space and time play a central role in the workshop, and we hope that fruitful cross- fertilization takes place from observing the harmonies and discordances created between these two related dimensions. The program for the day has been organized to give as much opportunity for participation and exchange of ideas as possible, while also providing many of you a short time to present your research results. Between 4 technical sessions are interspersed coffee breaks, a Panel Discussion, and an Open Mike session. Twelve presentations were selected from the contributed papers, divided loosely by theme: Control, Constraints, Qualitative/Quantitative Methods, and Spatial Descriptions.

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