Argument Theory Change Applied to Defeasible Logic Programming

Martin Moguillansky, Nicolas Rotstein, Marcelo Falappa, Alejandro Garcia, Guillermo Simari

In this article we work on certain aspects of the belief change theory in order to make them suitable for argumentation systems. This approach is based on Defeasible Logic Programming as the argumentation formalism from which we ground the definitions. The objective of our proposal is to define an argument revision operator that inserts a new argument into a defeasible logic program in such a way that this argument ends up undefeated after the revision, thus warranting its conclusion. In order to ensure this warrant, the defeasible logic program has to be changed in concordance with a minimal change principle. Finally, we present an algorithm that implements the argument revision operation.

Subjects: 3.3 Nonmonotonic Reasoning; 15.1 Belief Revision

Submitted: Apr 14, 2008

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