AAAI New Faculty Highlights Program

Congratulations to the selected participants in the AAAI New Faculty Highlights Program!

This year, AAAI launched a new invited speaker program highlighting AI researchers who have just begun careers as new faculty members or the equivalent in industry. Applications were adjudicated by a committee consisting of the AAAI-21 chairs and a diverse group of AAAI Fellows.

New Faculty Highlight participants have submitted prerecorded videos for viewing throughout the conference, which broadly survey the candidate’s research to date. Invited speakers will also be invited to contribute an article to a corresponding series in AI Magazine.

New Faculty Highlights Speakers

Yonatan Belinkov, Technion
Pascal Bercher, Australian National University
Noam Brown, Facebook AI Research
Eunsol Choi, University of Texas, Austin
Simon S. Du, University of Washington
Chelsea Finn, Stanford University
Jakob Foerster, Facebook AI Research/University of Toronto/Vector Institute
Animesh Garg, University of Toronto
Hoda Heidari, Carnegie Mellon University
Kokil Jaidka, National University of Singapore
Dinesh Jayaraman, University of Pennsylvania
Nadin Kokciyan, University of Edinburgh
Jundong Li, University of Virginia
Hang Ma, Simon Fraser University
Lili Mou, University of Alberta
Ju Sun, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jingjing Xu, ByteDance AI Lab
Diyi Yang, Georgia Tech

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