Artificial Intelligence Research and Applications at the NASA Johnson Space Center: Part One

  • Kathleen Jurica Healey


Research and applications work in AI is being conducted by several groups at Johnson Space Center (JSC). These are primarily independent groups that interact with each other on an informal basis. In the Research and Engineering Directorate, these groups include (1) the Artificial Intelligence and Information Sciences Office, (2) the Simulation and Avionics Integration Division, (3) the Avionics Systems Division (ASD), and (4) the Tracking and Communications Division. In the Space Operations Directorate, these groups include (1) the Mission Planning and Analysis Division - Technology Development and Applications Branch, (2) the Spacecraft Software Division, and (3) the Systems Division-Systems Support Section. The first part of the article describes the AI work in Research and Engineering Directorate. The second part of the article, to be published in the Conference edition of the AI Magazine, describes the AI work in the Space Operations Directorate
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