The AI Bookie

The Future of Voice Interfaces to Intelligent Assistants

  • Chris Welty IBM
  • Lora Aroyo Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Eric Horvitz Microsoft


The AI Bookie column documents highlights from AI Bets, an online forum for the creation of adjudicatable predictions, in the form of bets, about the future of AI. While it is easy to make broad, generalized, or off-the-cuff predictions about the future, it is more difficult to develop predictions that are carefully thought out, concrete, and measurable. This forum was created to help researchers craft predictions whose accuracy can be clearly and unambiguously judged when the bets come due. The bets will be documented both online and regularly in this column. We encourage bets that are rigorously and scientifically argued. We discourage bets that are too general to be evaluated or too specific to an individual or institution. The goal is not to continue to feed the media frenzy and outsized pundit predictions about AI, but rather to curate and promote bets whose outcomes will provide useful feedback to the scientific community. For detailed guidelines and to place bets, visit

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Welty, C., Aroyo, L., & Horvitz, E. (2019). The AI Bookie. AI Magazine, 40(1), 79-82.