Artificial Intelligence — An Enabler of Naval Tactical Decision Superiority

  • Bonnie Johnson Naval Postgraduate School
  • William A. Treadway US Navy OPNAV


Artificial intelligence, as a capability enhancer, offers significant improvements to our tactical warfighting advantage. AI provides methods for fusing and analyzing data to enhance our knowledge of the tactical environment; it provides methods for generating and assessing decision options from multidimensional, complex situations; and it provides predictive analytics to identify and examine the effects of tactical courses of action. Machine learning can improve these processes in an evolutionary manner. Advanced computing techniques can handle highly heterogeneous and vast datasets and can synchronize knowledge across distributed warfare assets. This article presents concepts for applying AI to various aspects of tactical battle management and discusses their potential improvements to future warfare.

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Johnson, B., & Treadway, W. A. (2019). Artificial Intelligence — An Enabler of Naval Tactical Decision Superiority. AI Magazine, 40(1), 63-78.
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