RoboCup Rescue Robot and Simulation Leagues

  • H. Levent Akin Bogazici University
  • Nobuhiro Ito Aichi Institute of Technology
  • Adam Jacoff National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Alexander Kleiner Linköping University
  • Johannes Pellenz V&R Vision & Robotics GmbH
  • Arnoud Visser


The RoboCup Rescue Robot and Simulation competitions have been held since 2000. The experience gained during these competitions has increased the maturity level of the field, which allowed deploying robots after real disasters (for example, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster). This article provides an overview of these competitions and highlights the state of the art and the lessons learned.

Author Biography

Arnoud Visser
University of Amsterdam
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Akin, H. L., Ito, N., Jacoff, A., Kleiner, A., Pellenz, J., & Visser, A. (2012). RoboCup Rescue Robot and Simulation Leagues. AI Magazine, 34(1), 78.
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