Learning by Demonstration for a Collaborative Planning Environment

  • Karen Myers SRI International
  • Jake Kolojejchic General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
  • Carl Angiolillo General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
  • Tim Cummings General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
  • Tom Garvey SRI International
  • Matt Gaston Carnegie Mellon University
  • Melinda Gervasio SRI International
  • Will Haines SRI International
  • Chris Jones SRI International
  • Kellie Keifer SRI International
  • Janette Knittel General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
  • David Morley SRI International
  • William Ommert General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
  • Scott Potter General Dynamics C4 Systems | Viz
Keywords: leaning by demonstration, human computer interaction, decision making, military applications


Learning by demonstration technology has long held the promise to empower non-programmers to customize and extend software. We describe the deployment of a learning by demonstration capability to support user creation of automated procedures in a collaborative planning environment that is used widely by the U.S. Army. This technology, which has been in operational use since the summer of 2010, has helped to reduce user workloads by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The technology has also provided the unexpected benefit of enabling standardization of products and processes.