The Third International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

  • Terry Fong NASA Ames Research Center
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn University of Hertfordshire
  • Matthias Scheutz Indiana University
  • Yiannis Demiris Imperial College


The third international conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI-2008) was held in Amsterdam, The Netherland, March 12-15, 2008. The theme of HRI-2008, "Living With Robots", highlights the importance of the technical and social issues underlying human-robot interaction with companion and assistive robots for long-term use in everyday life and work activities. More than two hundred and fifty researchers, practitioners, and exhibitors attended the conference, and many more contributed to the conference as authors or reviewers. HRI-2009 will be held in San Diego, California from March 11-13, 2009.
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Fong, T., Dautenhahn, K., Scheutz, M., & Demiris, Y. (2008). The Third International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. AI Magazine, 29(2), 77.
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