Reconstructing True Wrong Inductions

  • Jean-Gabriel G Ganascia University Pierre and Marie Curie


There have been many erroneous pre-scientific and common sense inductions. We want to understand why people believe in wrong theories. Our hypothesis is that mistaken inductions are due not only to the lack of facts, but also to the poor description of existing facts and to implicit knowledge which is transmitted socially. This paper presents several experiments the aim of which is to validate this hypothesis by using machine learning and data mining techniques to simulate the way people build erroneous theories from observations.

Author Biography

Jean-Gabriel G Ganascia, University Pierre and Marie Curie

Professor University Pierre and Marie Curie

ACASA group leader, LIP6 laboratory

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Ganascia, J.-G. G. (2008). Reconstructing True Wrong Inductions. AI Magazine, 29(2), 57.