A Hierarchical Approach to Active Semantic Mapping Using Probabilistic Logic and Information Reward POMDPs

  • Tiago S. Veiga Universidad de Lisboa
  • Miguel Silva Universidad de Lisboa
  • Rodrigo Ventura Universidad de Lisboa
  • Pedro U. Lima Universidad de Lisboa


Maintaining a semantic map of a complex and dynamic environment, where the uncertainty originates in both noisy perception and unexpected changes, is a challenging problem. In particular, we focus on the problem of maintaining a semantic map of an environment by a mobile agent. In this paper we address this problem in an hierarchical fashion. Firstly, we employ a probabilistic logic model representing the semantic map, as well as the associated uncertainty. Secondly, we model the interaction of the robot with the environment with a set of information-reward POMDP models, one for each partition of the environment (e.g., a room). The partition is performed in order to address the scalability limitations of POMDP models over very large state spaces. We then use probabilistic inference to determine which POMDP and policy to execute next. Experimental results show the efficiency of this architecture in real domestic service robotic scenarios.