Explicability? Legibility? Predictability? Transparency? Privacy? Security? The Emerging Landscape of Interpretable Agent Behavior

  • Tathagata Chakraborti Arizona State Univeristy
  • Anagha Kulkarni Arizona State Univeristy
  • Sarath Sreedharan Arizona State University
  • David E. Smith Arizona State University
  • Subbarao Kambhampati Arizona State University


There has been significant interest of late in generating behavior of agents that is interpretable to the human (observer) in the loop. However, the work in this area has typically lacked coherence on the topic, with proposed solutions for “explicable”, “legible”, “predictable” and “transparent” planning with overlapping, and sometimes conflicting, semantics all aimed at some notion of understanding what intentions the observer will ascribe to an agent by observing its behavior. This is also true for the recent works on “security” and “privacy” of plans which are also trying to answer the same question, but from the opposite point of view – i.e. when the agent is trying to hide instead of reveal its intentions. This paper attempts to provide a workable taxonomy of relevant concepts in this exciting and emerging field of inquiry.