Approximate Gradient Descent Convergence Dynamics for Adaptive Control on Heterogeneous Networks

  • Jean Carpentier Ecole Polytechnique
  • Sebastien Blandin IBM Research


Adaptive control is a classical control method for complex cyber-physical systems, including transportation networks. In this work, we analyze the convergence properties of such methods on exemplar graphs, both theoretically and numerically. We first illustrate a limitation of the standard backpressure algorithm for scheduling optimization, and prove that a re-scaling of the model state can lead to an improvement in the overall system optimality by a factor of at most O(k) depending on the network parameters, where k characterizes the network heterogeneity. We exhaustively describe the associated transient and steady-state regimes, and derive convergence properties within this generalized class of backpressure algorithms. Extensive simulations are conducted on both a synthetic network and on a more realistic large-scale network modeled on the Manhattan grid on which theoretical results are verified.