Travel Time Prediction on Un-Monitored Roads: A Spatial Factorization Machine Based Approach (Student Abstract)

  • Lile Li University of Technology Sydney
  • Wei Liu University of Technology Sydney


Real-time traffic monitoring is one of the most important factors for route planning and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Many major roads in large cities are installed with live traffic monitoring systems, inferring the current traffic congestion status and ETAs to other locations. However, there are also many other roads, especially small roads and paths, that are not monitored. Yet, live traffic status on such un-monitored small roads can play a non-negligible role in personalized route planning and re-routing when road incident happens. How to estimate the traffic status on such un-monitored roads is thus a valuable problem to be addressed. In this paper, we propose a model called Spatial Factorization Machines (SFM) to address this problem. A major advantage of the SFM model is that it incorporates physical distances and structures of road networks into the estimation of traffic status on un-monitored roads. Our experiments on real world traffic data demonstrate that the SFM model significantly outperforms other existing models on ETA of un-monitored roads.

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