Dynamic Reward-Based Dueling Deep Dyna-Q: Robust Policy Learning in Noisy Environments

  • Yangyang Zhao South China University of Technology
  • Zhenyu Wang South China University of Technology
  • Kai Yin South China University of Technology
  • Rui Zhang South China University of Technology
  • Zhenhua Huang South China University of Technology
  • Pei Wang South China University of Technology


Task-oriented dialogue systems provide a convenient interface to help users complete tasks. An important consideration for task-oriented dialogue systems is the ability to against the noise commonly existed in the real-world conversation. Both rule-based strategies and statistical modeling techniques can solve noise problems, but they are costly. In this paper, we propose a new approach, called Dynamic Reward-based Dueling Deep Dyna-Q (DR-D3Q). The DR-D3Q can learn policies in noise robustly, and it is easy to implement by combining dynamic reward and the Dueling Deep Q-Network (Dueling DQN) into Deep Dyna-Q (DDQ) framework. The Dueling DQN can mitigate the negative impact of noise on learning policies, but it is inapplicable to dialogue domain due to different reward mechanisms. Unlike typical dialogue reward function, we integrate dynamic reward that provides reward in real-time for agent to make Dueling DQN adapt to dialogue domain. For the purpose of supplementing the limited amount of real user experiences, we take the DDQ framework as the basic framework. Experiments using simulation and human evaluation show that the DR-D3Q significantly improve the performance of policy learning tasks in noisy environments.1

AAAI Technical Track: Natural Language Processing