Deciding the Loosely Guarded Fragment and Querying Its Horn Fragment Using Resolution

  • Sen Zheng University of Manchester
  • Renate Schmidt University of Manchester


We consider the following query answering problem: Given a Boolean conjunctive query and a theory in the Horn loosely guarded fragment, the aim is to determine whether the query is entailed by the theory. In this paper, we present a resolution decision procedure for the loosely guarded fragment, and use such a procedure to answer Boolean conjunctive queries against the Horn loosely guarded fragment. The Horn loosely guarded fragment subsumes classes of rules that are prevalent in ontology-based query answering, such as Horn ALCHOI and guarded existential rules. Additionally, we identify star queries and cloud queries, which using our procedure, can be answered against the loosely guarded fragment.

AAAI Technical Track: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning