DeepDualMapper: A Gated Fusion Network for Automatic Map Extraction Using Aerial Images and Trajectories

  • Hao Wu Bytedance AI Lab
  • Hanyuan Zhang Fudan University
  • Xinyu Zhang Fudan University
  • Weiwei Sun Fudan University
  • Baihua Zheng Singapore Management University
  • Yuning Jiang Bytedance AI Lab


Automatic map extraction is of great importance to urban computing and location-based services. Aerial image and GPS trajectory data refer to two different data sources that could be leveraged to generate the map, although they carry different types of information. Most previous works on data fusion between aerial images and data from auxiliary sensors do not fully utilize the information of both modalities and hence suffer from the issue of information loss. We propose a deep convolutional neural network called DeepDualMapper which fuses the aerial image and trajectory data in a more seamless manner to extract the digital map. We design a gated fusion module to explicitly control the information flows from both modalities in a complementary-aware manner. Moreover, we propose a novel densely supervised refinement decoder to generate the prediction in a coarse-to-fine way. Our comprehensive experiments demonstrate that DeepDualMapper can fuse the information of images and trajectories much more effectively than existing approaches, and is able to generate maps with higher accuracy.

AAAI Technical Track: Applications