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Affective Content Analysis

Editorial for the AAAI-18 Workshop on Affective Content Analysis PDF
Niyati Chhaya, Kokil Jaidka, Lyle H. Ungar
Why Is an Event Affective? Classifying Affective Events Based on Human Needs PDF
Haibo Ding, Tianyu Jiang, Ellen Riloff
Knowledge-Driven Feed-Forward Neural Network for Audio Affective Content Analysis PDF
Sri Harsha Dumpala, Rupayan Chakraborty, Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
Multimodal Alignment for Affective Content PDF
Nikita Haduong, David Nester, Preethi Vaidyanathan, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Reynold Bailey, Cecilia O. Alm
Do Convolutional Networks Need to Be Deep for Text Classification ? PDF
Hoa T. Le, Christophe Cerisara, Alexandre Denis
Predicting Engagement Breakdown in HRI Using Thin-Slices of Facial Expressions PDF
Tianlin Liu, Arvid Kappas
Emotion Detection on TV Show Transcripts with Sequence-Based Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Sayyed M. Zahiri, Jinho D. Choi

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Science

Finding Exogenous Variation in Data PDF
Eliot Abrams, George Gui, Ali Hortacsu
Learning User Intent from Action Sequences on Interactive Systems PDF
Rakshit Agrawal, Anwar Habeeb, Chih-Hsin Hsueh
Thematic Distillation and Point of View Extraction for Enterprise-Level Documents PDF
Elham Khabiri, Wesley M. Gifford, Pietro Mazzoleni, Dharmesh Vadgama
Visual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media PDF
Liu Liu, Daria Dzyabura, Natalie Mizik
Large Scale Cross-Category Analysis of Consumer Review Content on Sales Conversion Leveraging Deep Learning PDF
Xiao Liu, Dokyun Lee, Kannan Srinivasan
Large Scale Online Brand Networks to Study Brand Effects PDF
Pankhuri Malhotra, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
Bingeability and Ad Tolerance: New Metrics for the Streaming Media Age PDF
Prashant Rajaram, Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz
Machine Learning Based Prediction of Consumer Purchasing Decisions: The Evidence and Its Significance PDF
Saavi Stubseid, Ognjen Arandjelovic
VoC-DL: Revisiting Voice of Customer Using Deep Learning PDF
Susheel Suresh, Guru Rajan TS, Vipin Gopinath
Inferring Brand Knowledge from Online Consumer Associative Brand Networks PDF
Minghong Xu, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

αPOMDP: State-Based Decision Making for Personalized Assistive Robots PDF
Hend AlTair, Gonçalo Martins, Luıs Santos, Jorge Dias
Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation for Detecting Parkinson’s Disease PDF
Elif Eyigoz, Pablo Polosecki, Adolfo M. Garcia, Katharina Rogg, Juan Orozco-Arroyave, Sabine Skodda, Eugenia Hesse, Agustin Ibanez, Guillermo Cecchi
Deep Multiple Instance Feature Learning via Variational Autoencoder PDF
Shabnam Ghaffarzadegan
Personalisation of Exercises in VRET PDF
Joris Heyse, Femke Ongenae, Femke De Backere, Filip De Turck
Chatti: A Conversational Chatbot Platform PDF
Inchul Hwang, Heesik Jeon, Hyung Rai Oh, Donghyeon Lee, Munjo Kim, Jihie Kim
Automatic Sign Detection with Application to an Assistive Robot PDF
Amlaan Shakeel, Peining Che, Xien Liu, Yamuna Rajesekhar, John C. Femiani
Self-Learning Algorithms for the Personalised Interaction with People with Dementia PDF
Bram Steenwinckel, Femke De Backere, Jelle Nelis, Femke Ongenae, Filip De Turck
Output Encoding by Compressed Sensing for Cell Detection with Deep Convnet PDF
Yao Xue, Nilanjan Ray

AI Enhanced Internet of Things Data Processing for Intelligent Applications

Learning the Influence Structure between Partially Observed Stochastic Processes Using IoT Sensor Data PDF
Ritesh Ajoodha, Benjamin Rosman
Transfer Learning for Traffic Speed Prediction: A Preliminary Study PDF
Bill Y. Lin, Frank F. Xu, Eve Q. Liao, Kenny Q. Zhu
Encoding Temporal Markov Dynamics in Graph for Visualizing and Mining Time Series PDF
Lu Liu, Zhiguang Wang
Towards Knowledge Oriented Intelligent Audio Analytics PDF
Alessandro Oltramari, Joseph Szurley, Samarjit Das, Jonathan Francis, Juncheng Li
Real-Time Planning for Traffic Signal Control PDF
Alison Paredes, Wheeler Ruml
Efficient Scene Labeling via Sparse Annotations PDF
Can Qin, Maoguo Gong, Yue Wu, Dayong Tian, Puzhao Zhang
ILPC: Iterative Learning Using Physical Constraints in Real-World Sensing Data PDF
Tong Yu, Shijia Pan, Susu Xu, Xinlei Chen, Mostafa Mirshekari, Jonathon Fagert, Hae Young Noh, Pei Zhang, Ole J. Mengshoel
Recover Missing Sensor Data with Iterative Imputing Network PDF
Jingguang Zhou, Zili Huang

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

End-to-End Active Learning for Computer Security Experts PDF
Anaël Beaugnon, Pierre Chifflier, Francis Bach
RADMAX: Risk and Deadline Aware Planning for Maximum Utility PDF
Jingkai Chen, Cheng Fang, Christian Muise, Howard Shrobe, Brian C. Williams, Peng Yu
“Attention” for Detecting Unreliable News in the Information Age PDF
Venkatesh Duppada
Adequacy of the Gradient-Descent Method for Classifier Evasion Attacks PDF
Yi Han, Benjamin Rubinstein
Black-Box Attacks against RNN Based Malware Detection Algorithms PDF
Weiwei Hu, Ying Tan
Steganographic Internet of Things: Graph Topology Timing Channels PDF
Ira S. Moskowitz, Stephen Russell, Brian Jalaian
Deceitful Attacks in Security Games PDF
Thanh Hong Nguyen, Michael Wellman, Arunesh Sinha
Malware Detection by Eating a Whole EXE PDF
Edward Raff, Jon Barker, Jared Sylvester, Robert Brandon, Bryan Catanzaro, Charles K. Nicholas
Detecting Cyberattack Entities from Audit Data via Multi-View Anomaly Detection with Feedback PDF
Md Amran Siddiqui, Alan Fern, Ryan Wright, Alec Theriault, David Archer, William Maxwell
Recurrent Neural Network Language Models for Open Vocabulary Event-Level Cyber Anomaly Detection PDF
Aaron Randall Tuor, Ryan Baerwolf, Nicolas Knowles, Brian Hutchinson, Nicole Nichols, Robert Jasper

Artificial Intelligence for Imperfect-Information Games

Robust Stackelberg Equilibria in Extensive-Form Games and Extension to Limited Lookahead PDF
Christian Kroer, Gabriele Farina, Tuomas Sandholm
Dynamic Adaptation and Opponent Exploitation in Computer Poker PDF
Xun Li, Risto Miikkulainen
Consequentialist Conditional Cooperation in Social Dilemmas with Imperfect Information (Short Workshop Version) PDF
Alexander Peysakhovich, Adam Lerer
Evaluating the Stability of Non-Adaptive Trading in Continuous Double Auctions: A Reinforcement Learning Approach PDF
Mason Wright, Michael P Wellman
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Green Security Game with Online Information PDF
Lantao Yu, Yi Wu, Rohit Singh, Lucas Joppa, Fei Fang

Declarative Learning Based Programming

Fairness-Aware Relational Learning and Inference PDF
Golnoosh Farnadi, Behrouz Babaki, Lise Getoor
Image Classification Using Deep Learning and Prior Knowledge PDF
Soumali Roychowdhury, Michelangelo Diligenti, Marco Gori

Engineering Dependable and Secure Machine Learning Systems

Evaluation of Predictive Models for Wildlife Poaching Activity through Controlled Field Test in Uganda PDF
Shahrzad Gholami, Benjamin Ford, Debarun Kar, Fei Fang, Milind Tambe, Andrew Plumptre, Margaret Driciru, Fred Wanyama, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Mustapha Nsubaga, Joshua Mabonga
Autonomous Model Management via Reinforcement Learning PDF
Elad Liebman, Eric Zavesky, Peter Stone
Can We Achieve Open Category Detection with Guarantees? PDF
Si Liu, Risheek Garrepalli, Alan Fern, Thomas G. Dietterich
Denoising Dictionary Learning Against Adversarial Perturbations PDF
John Mitro, Derek Bridge, Steven Prestwich
Optimizing Hierarchical Classification with Adaptive Node Collapses PDF
Sujan Perera, Orna Raz, Ramani Routray, Shenghua Bao, Marcel Zalmanovici
MTDeep: Boosting the Security of Deep Neural Nets Against Adversarial Attacks with Moving Target Defense PDF
Sailik Sengupta, Tathagata Chakraborti, Subbarao Kambhampati
Multiple-Implementation Testing of Supervised Learning Software PDF
Siwakorn Srisakaokul, Zhengkai Wu, Angello Astorga, Oreoluwa Alebiosu, Tao Xie
Climbing the Kaggle Leaderboard by Exploiting the Log-Loss Oracle PDF
Jacob Whitehill
Telemade: A Testing Framework for Learning-Based Malware Detection Systems PDF
Wei Yang, Tao Xie
Distributed Deep Learning under Differential Privacy with the Teacher-Student Paradigm PDF
Jun Zhao

Health Intelligence

Multi-Label Classification of Patient Notes: Case Study on ICD Code Assignment PDF
Tal Baumel, Jumana Nassour-Kassis, Raphael Cohen, Michael Elhadad, Nóemie Elhadad
Personalized Healthcare for Patients Access to Price Transparency PDF
William E. Cheetham
Detecting Personal Experience Tweets for Health Surveillance Using Unsupervised Feature Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Shichao Feng, Keyuan Jiang, Jiyun Li, Ricardo A. Calix, Matrika Gupta
Assistive AI for Coping with Memory Loss PDF
Libby Ferland, Ziwei Li, Shridhar Sukhani, Joan Zheng, Luyang Zhao, Maria Gini
Personalized Medication Dosing Using Volatile Data Streams PDF
Mohammad M. Ghassemi, Tuka AlHanai, M. Brandon Westover, Roger G. Mark, Shamim Nemati
Learning Disentangled Representation from 12-Lead Electrograms: Application in Localizing the Origin of Ventricular Tachycardia PDF
Prashnna K. Gyawali, B. Milan Horacek, John L. Sapp, Linwei Wang
Feature Extraction from Electronic Health Records of Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Convolutioinal Autoencoder PDF
Takayuki Katsuki, Masaki Ono, Akira Koseki, Michiharu Kudo, Kyoichi Haida, Jun Kuroda, Masaki Makino, Ryosuke Yanagiya, Atsushi Suzuki
Towards an Argumentation System for Supporting Patients in Self-Managing Their Chronic Conditions PDF
Nadin Kokciyan, Isabel Sassoon, Anthony P. Young, Martin Chapman, Talya Porat, Mark Ashworth, Vasa Curcin, Sanjay Modgil, Simon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar
A Predictive Analytics Methodology to Assess and Optimize Readmission Risk in Heart Failure Patients PDF
Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Savitha Ramasamy, Abdullah Al-Dujaili, Srinath Sridharan, Geraldine Goh, Shao Chuen Tong, Khin Chaw Yu Aung, Gerard Leong Kui Toh, Michael Ross Macdonald, Sheldon Lee Shao Guang, Yan Cao, Suresh Sundaram, Chow Wai Leng
Using Digital Purchasing Data to Generate Public Health Evidence: Learning Unhealthy Beverage Demand from Grocery Transaction Data PDF
Hiroshi Mamiya, Xing Han Lu, Yu Ma, David L. Buckeridge
Graphically Representing Child-Robot Interaction Proxemics PDF
Marie Denise Manner, Maria L. Gini, Jed T. Elison
A Framework for Utilizing Lab Test Results for Clinical Prediction of ICU Patients PDF
Mohammad Mehedy Masud, Muhsin Cheratta
Balancing Lexicographic Fairness and a Utilitarian Objective with Application to Kidney Exchange PDF
Duncan C. McElfresh, John P. Dickerson
Integrating Environmental Data, Citizen Science and Personalized Predictive Modeling to Support Public Health in Cities: The PULSE WebGIS PDF
Enea Parimbelli, Daniele Pala, Riccardo Bellazzi, Cecilia Vera-Munoz, Vittorio Casella
Topical Phrase Extraction from Clinical Reports by Incorporating both Local and Global Context PDF
Gabriele Pergola, Yulan He, David Lowe
Using Machine Learning and Urine Cytology for Bladder Cancer Prescreening and Patient Stratification PDF
William Tun, Ognjen Arandjelovic, Peter David Caie
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection via Deep Convolutional Networks for Discriminative Localization and Visual Explanation PDF
Zhiguang Wang, Jianbo Yang
Preventing Infectious Disease in Dynamic Populations under Uncertainty PDF
Bryan Wilder, Sze-Chuan Suen, Milind Tambe
Learning Bayesian Network Structure by Self-Generating Prior Information: The Two-Step Clustering-Based Strategy PDF
Yikun Zhang, Yang Liu, Jiming Liu
Utilizing Social Media to Combat Opioid Addiction Epidemic: Automatic Detection of Opioid Users from Twitter PDF
Yiming Zhang, Yujie Fan, Yanfang Ye, Xin Li, Erin L. Winstanley

Knowledge Extraction from Games

Roles that Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition with Planning Can Play in Games PDF
Richard Gabriel Freedman, Shlomo Zilberstein
Threat, Explore, Barter, Puzzle: A Semantically-Informed Algorithm for Extracting Interaction Modes PDF
Nancy Fulda, Daniel Ricks, Ben Murdoch, David Wingate
Combinatorial Creativity for Procedural Content Generation via Machine Learning PDF
Matthew J. Guzdial, Mark O. Riedl
Towards Explainable NPCs: A Relational Exploration Learning Agent PDF
Matthew Molineaux, Dustin Dannenhauer, David W. Aha
Towards Inductive Logic Programming for Game Analysis: Leda PDF
Adam Summerville
Extraction of Interaction Events for Learning Reasonable Behavior in an Open-World Survival Game PDF
Emmett Tomai
Concept-Aware Feature Extraction for Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning PDF
John Winder, Marie desJardins
Retrieving Game States with Moment Vectors PDF
Zeping Zhan, Adam M. Smith

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Validation of Hierarchical Plans via Parsing of Attribute Grammars PDF
Roman Bartak, Adrien Maillard, Rafael C. Cardoso
Towards Quicker Probabilistic Recognition with Multiple Goal Heuristic Search PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Yi Ren Fung, Roman Ganchin, Shlomo Zilberstein
Plan and Goal Recognition as HTN Planning PDF ()
Daniel Höller, Pascal Bercher, Gregor Behnke, Susanne Biundo
DIPD: Gaze-Based Intention Inference in Dynamic Environments PDF
Yu-Sian Jiang, Garrett Warnell, Peter Stone
Comparing Plan Recognition Algorithms through Standard Libraries PDF
Reuth Mirsky, Ran Galun, Ya'akov Gal, Gal Kaminka
Goal Recognition in Incomplete STRIPS Domain Models PDF
Ramon Fraga Pereira, Felipe Meneguzzi
Online Goal Recognition as Reasoning over Landmarks PDF
Mor Vered, Ramon Fraga Pereira, Mauricio Cecilio Magnaguagno, Felipe Meneguzzi, Gal A. Kaminka
Inverse Reinforcement Learning Based Human Behavior Modeling for Goal Recognition in Dynamic Local Network Interdiction PDF
Yunxiu Zeng, Kai Xu, Quanjun Yin, Long Qin, Yabing Zha, William Yeoh

Planning and Inference

Probabilistic Planning by Probabilistic Programming PDF
Vaishak Belle
Lifted Stochastic Planning, Belief Propagation and Marginal MAP PDF
Hao Cui, Roni Khardon
Planning and Learning for Decentralized MDPs with Event Driven Rewards PDF
Tarun Gupta, Akshat Kumar, Praveen Paruchuri
Learning Others' Intentional Models in Multi-Agent Settings Using Interactive POMDPs PDF
Yanlin Han, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
Generalized Dual Decomposition for Bounding Maximum Expected Utility of Influence Diagrams with Perfect Recall PDF
Junkyu Lee, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter
R2PG: Risk-Sensitive and Reliable Policy Gradient PDF
Bo Liu, Ji Liu, Kenan Xiao

Reasoning and Learning for Human-Machine Dialogues

An Inherently Explainable Model for Video Activity Interpretation PDF
Sathyanarayanan N. Aakur, Fillipe DM de Souza, Sudeep Sarkar
Safebot: A Safe Collaborative Chatbot PDF
Merav Chkroun, Amos Azaria
MEETING BOT: Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Based Meeting Scheduling PDF
Vishwanath D, Lovekesh Vig, Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal
Building Dialogue Structure from Discourse Tree of a Question PDF
Boris Galitsky
Specifying and Implementing Multi-Party Conversation Rules with Finite-State-Automata PDF
Maira Gatti de Bayser, Melina Alberio Guerra, Paulo Cavalin, Claudio Pinhanez
Gated Orthogonal Recurrent Units: On Learning to Forget PDF
Li Jing, Caglar Gulcehre, John Peurifoy, Yichen Shen, Max Tegmark, Marin Soljacic, Yoshua Bengio
Making Personalized Recommendation through Conversation: Architecture Design and Recommendation Methods PDF
Sunhwan Lee, Robert Moore, Guang-Jie Ren, Raphael Arar, Shun Jiang
Automatic Extraction of Domain Specific Latent Beliefs in Customer Complaints to Help Tailor Chatbots PDF
Amit Sangroya, C. Anantaram, Pratik Saini, Mrinal Rawat
Knowledge-Graph Driven Information State Approach to Dialog PDF
Svetlana Stoyanchev, Michael Johnston
Production Ready Chatbots: Generate if Not Retrieve PDF
Aniruddha Tammewar, Monik Pamecha, Chirag Jain, Apurva Nagvenkar, Krupal Modi
State Tracking Networks for Dialog State Tracking PDF
Xuguang Wang, Xingyi Cheng, Jie Zhou, Wei Xu

Statistical Modeling of Natural Software Corpora

Automated Refactoring of Object-Oriented Code Using Clustering Ensembles PDF
Timofey Bryksin, Alexey Shpilman, Daniel Kudenko
Cross-Language Learning for Program Classification Using Bilateral Tree-Based Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Nghi D. Q. Bui, Lingxiao Jiang, Yijun Yu
Towards Traceability Link Recovery for Self-Adaptive Systems PDF
Reihaneh H. Hariri, Erik M. Fredericks
Extracting Information Types from Android Layout Code Using Sequence to Sequence Learning PDF
Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, Xue Qin, Xiaoyin Wang, Jianwei Niu
Statistical Machine Translation Is a Natural Fit for Automatic Identifier Renaming in Software Source Code PDF
Jeremy Lacomis, Alan Jaffe, Edward J. Schwartz, Claire Le Goues, Bogdan Vasilescu
Natural Language Processing and Program Analysis for Supporting Todo Comments as Software Evolves PDF
Pengyu Nie, Junyi Jessy Li, Sarfraz Khurshid, Raymond Mooney, Milos Gligoric
Towards J.A.R.V.I.S. for Software Engineering: Lessons Learned in Implementing a Natural Language Chat Interface PDF
Rahul Pandita, Steven Bucuvalas, Hugolin Bergier, Aleksandar Chakarov, Elizabeth Richards
Evaluation of Type Inference with Textual Cues PDF
Amirreza Shirani, A. Pastor Lopez-Monroy, Fabio Gonzalez, Thamar Solorio, Mohammad Amin Alipour
Using Natural Language Processing for Documentation Assist PDF
Alexandre Terrasa, Jean Privat, Guy Tremblay
Generating Regular Expressions from Natural Language Specifications: Are We There Yet? PDF
Zexuan Zhong, Jiaqi Guo, Wei Yang, Tao Xie, Jian-Guang Lou, Ting Liu, Dongmei Zhang