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Specifying and Implementing Multi-Party Conversation Rules with Finite-State-Automata
Maira Gatti de Bayser, Melina Alberio Guerra, Paulo Cavalin, Claudio Pinhanez

Last modified: 2018-06-20


Current existing chatbot engines do not properly handle a group chat with many users and many chatbots. This prevents chatbots from developing their full potential as social participants. This happens because there is a lack of methods and tools to design and engineer conversation rules. The work presented in this paper has two major contributions: the presentation of a Finite-State-Automata-based DSL (Domain Specific Language), called DSL-CR, for engineering multi-party conversation rules for inter-message coherence to be used by chatbot engines; and its usage in a real-world dialogue problem with four bots and humans. With this tool, the amount of domain and programming expertise needed for creating conversation rules is reduced, and a larger group of people, like linguists, can specify the conversation rules.


Dialogue Systems; Conversation Rules; Finite-State-Automata

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