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Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

A Real-Time Technique for Positioning a Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm for Household Manipulation Tasks PDF
Pooya Abolghasemi, Rouhollah Rahmatizadeh, Aman Behal, Ladislau Boloni

AI, Ethics, and Society

Using Stories to Teach Human Values to Artificial Agents PDF
Mark O. Riedl, Brent Harrison

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

Active Perception for Cyber Intrusion Detection and Defense PDF
J. Benton, Robert P. Goldman, Mark Burstein, Joseph Mueller, Paul Robertson, Dan Cerys, Andreas Hoffman, Rusty Bobrow

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information Games

Protecting Wildlife under Imperfect Observation PDF
Thanh Hong Nguyen, Arunesh Sinha, Shahrzad Gholami, Andrew Plumptre, Lucas Joppa, Milind Tambe, Margaret Driciru, Fred Wanyama, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Rob Critchlow, Colin Beale

Expanding the Boundaries of Health Informatics Using AI

Predicting 30-Day Risk and Cost of "All-Cause" Hospital Readmissions PDF
Shanu Sushmita, Garima Khulbe, Aftab Hasan, Stacey Newman, Padmashree Ravindra, Senjuti Basu Roy, Martine De Cock, Ankur Teredesai

Knowledge Extraction from Text

Creating a Mars Target Encyclopedia by Extracting Information from the Planetary Science Literature PDF
Kiri L. Wagstaff, Ellen Riloff, Nina L. Lanza, Chris A. Mattmann, Paul M. Ramirez

Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination

Identifying and Tracking Switching, Non-Stationary Opponents: A Bayesian Approach PDF
Pablo Hernandez-Leal, Matthew E. Taylor, Benjamin Rosman, L. Enrique Sucar, Enrique Munoz de Cote

Planning for Hybrid Systems

Mixed Propositional Metric Temporal Logic: A New Formalism for Temporal Planning PDF
Son Thanh To, Mark Roberts, Thomas Apker, Benjamin Johnson, David W. Aha
Explorations of Quantum-Classical Approaches to Scheduling a Mars Lander Activity Problem PDF
Tony T. Tran, Zhihui Wang, Minh Do, Eleanor G. Rieffel, Jeremy Frank, Bryan O'Gorman, Davide Venturelli, J. Christopher Beck

Scholarly Big Data: AI Perspectives, Challenges, and Ideas

From a Scholarly Big Dataset to a Test Collection for Bibliographic Citation Recommendation PDF
Dwaipayan Roy, Kunal Ray, Mandar Mitra

Symbiotic Cognitive Systems

Contexts for Symbiotic Autonomy: Semantic Mapping, Task Teaching and Social Robotics PDF
Roberto Capobianco, Guglielmo Gemignani, Luca Iocchi, Daniele Nardi, Francesco Riccio, Andrea Vanzo
Towards Learning From Stories: An Approach to Interactive Machine Learning PDF
Brent Harrison, Mark O. Riedl
An Overview of Affective Motivational Collaboration Theory PDF
Mahni Shayganfar, Charles Rich, Candace L. Sidner