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Proposal of an Adaptive Service Providing System for a Multi-User Smart Home
Nicola Kuijpers, Sylvain Giroux, Florent de Lamotte, Jean-Luc Philippe

Last modified: 2016-03-29


This paper presents a new system which provides services to elderly and persons suffering from motor or cognitive impair-ments in a smart home (SH). SH are alternative solutions in order to keep elderly and impaired persons as long as possible at their homes to allow them to live with more comfort. SH are dynamically evolving environments, thus the provided services by this system are context aware and customizable for every user. These services can be accessed by users through an application installed on a mobile device. The sys-tem uses a multi agent system (MAS) to have a dynamic and adaptive response to environmental change. Experiments are carried out in order to validate the chosen solutions.


Multi-agent systems; Services; Autonomic computing

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