Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Corrigibility PDF
Nate Soares, Benja Fallenstein, Stuart Armstrong, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

An Exploratory Study into the Use of an Emotionally Aware Cognitive Assistant PDF
Aarti Malhotra, Lifei Yu, Tobias Schröder, Jesse Hoey

Artificial Intelligence for Cities

Exploring Power Storage Profiles for Vehicle to Grid Systems PDF
Aaron Hunter, Ray Young

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation: Advice, Interactivity, and Actor Modeling

Multi-View Actionable Patterns for Managing Traffic Bottleneck PDF
Xiaodong Yue, Longbing Cao, Yufei Chen, Bin Xu

Computational Sustainability

Recognition of In-Field Frog Chorusing Using Bayesian Nonparametric Microphone Array Processing PDF
Yoshiaki Bando, Takuma Otsuka, Ikkyu Aihara, Hiromitsu Awano, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii, Hiroshi Gitchang Okuno

Planning, Search, and Optimization

Preventing HIV Spread in Homeless Populations Using PSINET PDF
Amulya Yadav, Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Eric Rice, Robin Petering, Hailey Winetrobe, Harmony Rhoades, Milind Tambe, Heather Carmichael

Trajectory-Based Behavior Analytics

A Survey of Point-of-Interest Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks PDF
Yonghong Yu, Xingguo Chen