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Artificial Intelligence for Transportation: Advice, Interactivity, and Actor Modeling

Multi-View Actionable Patterns for Managing Traffic Bottleneck PDF
Xiaodong Yue, Longbing Cao, Yufei Chen, Bin Xu

Computational Sustainability

Uncovering Hidden Structure through Parallel Problem Decomposition for the Set Basis Problem PDF
Yexiang Xue, Stefano Ermon, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman

Planning, Search, and Optimization

Heuristic-Aided Compressed Distance Databases PDF
Fan Xie, Adi Botea, Akihiro Kishimoto

World Wide Web and Public Health Intelligence

Online Transfer Learning for Differential Diagnosis Determination PDF
Jie Xu, Daby Sow, Deepak Turaga, Mihaela van der Schaar