Presentations and Authors

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Algorithm Configuration

Designing a Portfolio of Parameter Configurations for Online Algorithm Selection PDF
Aldy Gunawan, Hoong Chuin Lau, Mustafa Misir
AutoFolio: Algorithm Configuration for Algorithm Selection PDF
Marius Lindauer, Holger H. Hoos, Frank Hutter, Torsten Schaub

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

Robotic Framework for Music-Based Emotional and Social Engagement with Children with Autism PDF
Chung Hyuk Park, Neetha Pai, Jayahasan Bakthachalam, Yaojie Li, Myounghoon Jeon, Ayanna M. Howard

Artificial Intelligence for Cities

HVAC-Aware Occupancy Scheduling PDF
BoonPing Lim, Menkes van den Briel, Sylvie Thiebaux, Scott Backhaus, Russell Bent
Towards Detecting Rumours in Social Media PDF
Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter, Kalina Bontcheva, Peter Tolmie

Computational Sustainability

Toward Social Media Opinion Mining for Sustainability Research PDF
Rundong Du, Zhongming Lu, Arka Pandit, Da Kuang, John Crittenden, Haesun Park
Solving Large Sustainable Supply Chain Networks Using Variational Inequalities PDF
Ian Gemp, Sridhar Mahadevan, Bo Liu
NOTES2: Networks-of-Traces for Epidemic Spread Simulations PDF
Sicong Liu, Yash Garg, K. Selcuk Candan, Maria Luisa Sapino, Gerardo Chowell-Puente

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information

Contract Bridge Bidding by Learning PDF
Chun-Yen Ho, Hsuan-Tien Lin

Incentive and Trust in E-Communities

A New Perspective of Trust Through Multi-Attribute Auctions PDF
Ferran Torrent-Fontbona, Albert Pla, Beatriz López

Knowledge, Skill, and Behavior Transfer in Autonomous Robots

An Accelerated Approach to Decentralized Reinforcement Learning of the Ball-Dribbling Behavior PDF
David Leonardo Leottau, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar

Learning for General Competency in Video Games

Generating Real-Time Crowd Advice to Improve Reinforcement Learning Agents PDF
Gabriel Victor de la Cruz, Bei Peng, Walter Stephen Lasecki, Matthew Edmund Taylor
Classical Planning Algorithms on the Atari Video Games PDF
Nir Lipovetzky, Miquel Ramírez, Hector Geffner

Planning, Search, and Optimization

Approximate Uni-Directional Benders Decomposition PDF
Christina Naomi Burt, Nir Lipovetzky, Adrian R Pearce, Peter J Stuckey
Compiling Strategic Games with Complete Information into Stochastic CSPs PDF
Frédéric Koriche, Sylvain Lagrue, Eric Piette, Tabary Sébastien

Scholarly Big Data: AI Perspectives, Challenges, and Ideas

Cyc and the Big C: Reading that Produces and Uses Hypotheses about Complex Molecular Biology Mechanisms PDF
Michael Witbrock, Karen Pittman, Jessica Moszkowicz, Andrew Beck, Dave Schneider, Douglas Lenat

Trajectory-Based Behavior Analytics

Social Information Improves Location Prediction in the Wild PDF
Jai Li, Ivan Brugere, Brian Ziebart, Tanya Berger-Wolf, Margaret Crofoot, Damien Farine
A Proposal for Behavior Prediction via Estimating Agents’ Evaluation Functions Using Prior Observations of Behavior PDF
Robert Tyler Loftin, David L. Roberts