Presentations and Authors

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Algorithm Configuration

AutoFolio: Algorithm Configuration for Algorithm Selection PDF
Marius Lindauer, Holger H. Hoos, Frank Hutter, Torsten Schaub

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Self-Modeling Agents and Reward Generator Corruption PDF
Bill Hibbard
On Keeping Secrets: Intelligent Agents and the Ethics of Information Hiding PDF
Aaron Hunter

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

An Exploratory Study into the Use of an Emotionally Aware Cognitive Assistant PDF
Aarti Malhotra, Lifei Yu, Tobias Schröder, Jesse Hoey
Robotic Framework for Music-Based Emotional and Social Engagement with Children with Autism PDF
Chung Hyuk Park, Neetha Pai, Jayahasan Bakthachalam, Yaojie Li, Myounghoon Jeon, Ayanna M. Howard

Artificial Intelligence for Cities

Exploring Power Storage Profiles for Vehicle to Grid Systems PDF
Aaron Hunter, Ray Young

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation: Advice, Interactivity, and Actor Modeling

Self-Driving Aircraft Towing Vehicles: A Preliminary Report PDF
Robert Morris, Mai Lee Chang, Ronald Archer, Ernest V Cross, Shelby Thompson, Jerry Franke, Robert Garrett, Waqar Malik, Kerry McGuire, Garrett Hemann

Computational Sustainability

Interactive Multi-Consumer Power Cooperatives with Learning and Axiomatic Cost and Risk Disaggregation PDF
Abbas Ehsanfar, Babak Heydari
On Heterogeneous Machine Learning Ensembles for Wind Power Prediction PDF
Justin Heinermann, Oliver Kramer
A Solution Alternative to Achieve Parcel Connectivity in the Dynamic Reserve Design Problem PDF
Nahid Jafari, Clinton T. Moore, Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman
Predicting Bike Usage for New York City’s Bike Sharing System PDF
Divya Singhvi, Somya Singhvi, Peter I. Frazier, Shane G. Henderson, Eoin O' Mahony, David B. Shmoys, Dawn B. Woodard

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information

Contract Bridge Bidding by Learning PDF
Chun-Yen Ho, Hsuan-Tien Lin
Automatic Public State Space Abstraction in Imperfect Information Games PDF
Martin Schmid, Matej Moravcik, Milan Hladik, Stephen J. Gaukroder

Knowledge, Skill, and Behavior Transfer in Autonomous Robots

Termination Approximation: Continuous State Decomposition for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning PDF
Sean Harris, Bernhard Hengst, Maurice Pagnucco

Learning for General Competency in Video Games

Frame Skip Is a Powerful Parameter for Learning to Play Atari PDF
Alex Braylan, Mark Hollenbeck, Elliot Meyerson, Risto Miikkulainen
The Impact of Determinism on Learning Atari 2600 Games PDF
Matthew Hausknecht, Peter Stone

Planning, Search, and Optimization

Algorithms for Stochastic Physical Search on General Graphs PDF
Daniel S. Brown, Jeffrey Hudack, Bikramjit Banerjee
Effect of Bundle Method in Distributed Lagrangian Relaxation Protocol PDF
Kenta Hanada, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Tenda Okimoto
State Space Abstraction in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research PDF
Robert C. Holte, Gaojian Fan

Scholarly Big Data: AI Perspectives, Challenges, and Ideas

Identifying Meaningful Citations PDF
Marco Valenzuela, Vu Ha, Oren Etzioni

Trajectory-Based Behavior Analytics

DoSTra: Discovering Common Behaviors of Objects Using the Duration of Staying on Each Location of Trajectories PDF
Limin Guo, Guangyan Huang, Xu Gao, Jing He, Bin Wu, Haoming Guo
Active Learning of Hierarchical Policies from State-Action Trajectories PDF
Mandana Hamidi, Prasad Tadepalli, Robby Goetschalckx, Alan Fern
Trajectory Analysis Based on Clustering and Casual Structures PDF
Raymond K. Wong, Victor Chu, Mojgan Ghanavati, Asso Hamzehei

World Wide Web and Public Health Intelligence

The Hurricane Sandy Twitter Corpus PDF
Haoyu Wang, Eduard Hovy, Mark Dredze