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Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Dealing with Ethical Conflicts in Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Aline Belloni, Alain Berger, Olivier Boissier, Grégory Bonnet, Gauvain Bourgne, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Jean-Pierre Cotton, Nicolas Evreux, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Philippe Jaillon, Bruno Mermet, Gauthier Picard, Bernard Rever, Gaële Simon, Thibault de Swarte, Catherine Tessier, François Vexler, Robert Voyer, Antoine Zimmermann

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation: Advice, Interactivity, and Actor Modeling

Pricing Procedure in Accordance with Characteristic of Parking Utilization - Analysis Example of Massive Parking Accounting Data PDF
Yuichi Enoki, Ryo Kanamori, Takayuki Ito

Computational Sustainability

An Additive Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model for Energy Disaggregation PDF
Kirstin Early, J. Zico Kolter
Interactive Multi-Consumer Power Cooperatives with Learning and Axiomatic Cost and Risk Disaggregation PDF
Abbas Ehsanfar, Babak Heydari
Privacy-Utility Trade-Off for Time-Series with Application to Smart-Meter Data PDF
Murat A. Erdogdu, Nadia Fawaz, Andrea Montanari
Uncovering Hidden Structure through Parallel Problem Decomposition for the Set Basis Problem PDF
Yexiang Xue, Stefano Ermon, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman

Scholarly Big Data: AI Perspectives, Challenges, and Ideas

Identifying Meaningful Citations PDF
Marco Valenzuela, Vu Ha, Oren Etzioni

World Wide Web and Public Health Intelligence

What Predicts Media Coverage of Health Science Articles? PDF
Byron C. Wallace, Michael J. Paul, Noémie Elhadad