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Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Toward Ensuring Ethical Behavior from Autonomous Systems: A Case-Supported Principle-Based Paradigm PDF
Michael Anderson, Susan Leigh Anderson
Motivated Value Selection for Artificial Agents PDF
Stuart Armstrong
Corrigibility PDF
Nate Soares, Benja Fallenstein, Stuart Armstrong, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

I Prefer to Eat ... PDF
Thomas E. Allen

Artificial Intelligence for Cities

Dynamic Redeployment to Counter Congestion or Starvation in Vehicle Sharing Systems PDF
Supriyo Ghosh, Pradeep Varakantham, Yossiri Adulyasak, Patrick Jaillet

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation: Advice, Interactivity, and Actor Modeling

A Study of Proxies for Shapley Allocations of Transport Costs PDF
Haris Aziz, Casey Cahan, Charles Gretton, Phillip Kilby, Nicholas Scott Mattei, Toby Walsh
Self-Driving Aircraft Towing Vehicles: A Preliminary Report PDF
Robert Morris, Mai Lee Chang, Ronald Archer, Ernest V Cross, Shelby Thompson, Jerry Franke, Robert Garrett, Waqar Malik, Kerry McGuire, Garrett Hemann
Adaptive Advice in Automobile Climate Control Systems PDF
Ariel Rosenfeld, Amos Azaria, Sarit Kraus, Claudia V. Goldman, Omer Tsimhoni

Computational Sustainability

Recognition of In-Field Frog Chorusing Using Bayesian Nonparametric Microphone Array Processing PDF
Yoshiaki Bando, Takuma Otsuka, Ikkyu Aihara, Hiromitsu Awano, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii, Hiroshi Gitchang Okuno
Estimating Reduced Consumption for Dynamic Demand Response PDF
Charalampos Chelmis, Saima Aman, Muhammad Rizwan Saeed, Marc Frincu, Viktor K. Prasanna
Game Theoretic Considerations for Optimizing Efficiency of Taxi Systems PDF
Jiarui Gan, Bo An

Incentive and Trust in E-Communities

A Trust Establishment Model in Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Abdullah Aref, Thomas Tran

Learning for General Competency in Video Games

Pathological Effects of Variance on Classification-Based Policy Iteration PDF
Bernardo Ávila Pires, Csaba Szepesvári

Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination

E-HBA: Using Action Policies for Expert Advice and Agent Typification PDF
Stefano Vittorino Albrecht, Jacob William Crandall, Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Agent Partitioning with Reward/Utility-Based Impact PDF
William Curran, Adrian Agogino, Kagan Tumer
Real-Time Optimal Selection of Multirobot Coalition Formation Algorithms Using Conceptual Clustering PDF
Sayan Dev Sen, Julie Ann Adams

Planning, Search, and Optimization

A Realistic Multi-Modal Cargo Routing Benchmark PDF
Tony Allard, Charles Gretton

Trajectory-Based Behavior Analytics

Describing Spatio-Temporal Relations between Object Volumes in Video Streams PDF
Nouf Al Harbi, Yoshihiko Gotoh

World Wide Web and Public Health Intelligence

The Surveillance Window Application (SWAP): A Web-Hosted Tool to Facilitate Situational Awareness during Outbreaks PDF
Alina Deshpande, Esteban Abeyta, Lauren Castro, Ashlynn Daughton, Geoffrey Fairchild, Nicholas Generous, Reid Priedhorsky, Kirsten Taylor-McCabe, Nileena Velappan