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The Implementation of a Planning and Scheduling Architecture for Multiple Robots Assisting Multiple Users in a Retirement Home Setting
Tiago Vaquero, Sharaf Christopher Mohamed, Goldie Nejat, J. Christopher Beck

Last modified: 2015-04-01


Our research focuses on the use of Planning & Scheduling (P&S) technology for a team of robots providing daily assistance to multiple elder adults living in retirement facilities. Multi-user assistance and group-based activities require robots to plan and schedule their human-robot interaction (HRI) activities based on the specific needs, time constraints, availability and preferences of the multiple users. In this paper, we introduce and implement a novel centralized system architecture that can manage real P&S scenarios with multiple socially assistive robots, multiple users and their individual schedules, and single- and multi-person assistive activities. We describe how the main components of the proposed P&S architecture are integrated to control the robots, and to generate and monitor sequences of temporally annotated activities using off-the-shelf temporal planners. We verify that the architecture can manage realistic scenarios with three assistive robots, twenty users, and several single- and group-based activity requests during a single day.


Planning and Scheduling; Socially Assistive Robots; Multi-Robot System Architecture; Retirement Homes

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