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NOTES2: Networks-of-Traces for Epidemic Spread Simulations
Sicong Liu, Yash Garg, K. Selcuk Candan, Maria Luisa Sapino, Gerardo Chowell-Puente

Last modified: 2015-04-01


Decision making and intervention against infectious diseases require analysis of large volumes of data, including demographic data, contact networks, age-specific contact rates, mobility networks, and healthcare and control intervention data and models. In this paper, we present our Networks-Of-Traces for Epidemic Spread Simulations (NOTES2) model and system which aim at assisting experts and helping them explore existing simulation trace data sets. NOTES2 supports analysis and indexing of simulation data sets as well as parameter and feature analysis, including identification of unknown dependencies across the input parameters and output variables spanning the different layers of the observation and simulation data.


Multivariate time series analysis, epidemic spread simulations

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