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Human-Robot Systems Facing Ethical Conflicts: A Preliminary Experimental Protocol
Julien Collart, Thibault Gateau, Eve Fabre, Catherine Tessier

Last modified: 2015-04-01


This paper focuses on a preliminary experimental protocol that aims at assessing a robot operator’s behavior when the robot is equipped with what appears as moral decision capabilities. The protocol is derived from the trolley dilemma, a well-known decision making paradigm. Indeed the participants, acting as operators of simulated aerial robots via a computer screen, are faced to impersonal moral dilemmas, i.e. decide to crash a damaged robot on one of two inhabited areas, and to non-moral choices, i.e. decide to crash a damaged robot on one of two uninhabited areas. In each situation, the robot has a default crash behavior which is displayed to the participant who will have to decide whether to follow it or not. The participants are equipped with fNIRS and eye-tracking and answer a post-experimental questionnaire. As some of the behavioral and physiological results do not match the hypotheses we had set, we give the features of the further experiments that we are planning.


Human-machine conflicts; Robotics; Dilemmas; Ethics; fNIRS; Eye-tracking

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