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SustaInno: Toward a Searchable Repository of Sustainability Innovations
Walid Ahmed Fouad Shalaby, Wlodek Zadrozny

Last modified: 2015-04-01


In this paper we describe our ongoing work on SustaInno; an open-source search repository of innovations related to sustainability. SustaInno utilizes advanced information retrieval and text processing methods on technical innovations (initially patent data) to provide its users with practical, applicable, and detailed solutions to their sustainability related challenges. For example, problems like urban heat islands and rainwater waste are of major concern to most urban cities. Using our repository, decision makers can get quite in-depth solutions on practical approaches to address these and many other problems. The novelty of our work stems from three main factors: (1) such a repository does not exist,(2) it is focused on sustainability innovations which are of great importance for the creation of sustainable living environment, and (3) it provides a set of open-source tools and open-access datasets that could accelerate the dissemination of knowledge about sustainability.


Sustainability;Information Retrieval;Patents Information Retrieval

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