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A Trust Establishment Model in Multi-Agent Systems
Abdullah Aref, Thomas Tran

Last modified: 2015-04-01


In open multi-agent systems, often, agents interact with each other to meet their objectives. Trust is, therefore, considered essential to make such interactions useful. However, trust is a complex, multifaceted concept and includes more than just evaluating other’s honesty. Many trust evaluation models have been proposed and implemented in different areas; most of them focused on creating algorithms for trusters to model the honesty of trustees in order to make effective decisions about which trustees to select. However, slight consideration is paid to trust establishment. This work describes a trust establishment model that goes beyond trust evaluation to outline actions to guide trustees (instead of trustors). The model uses a multicriteria method for measuring and analysing needs of trusters and evaluates the satisfaction level of trusters based on their values and expressed preferences. Using the feedback from trusters, trustees attempt to modify their behavior in order to achieve higher confidence levels as part of their plans to be selected as partners of other agents in the community for future interactions. Simulation results indicate that trustees can become more trusted if they adjust their behaviour based of satisfaction feedback from trusters.


Trust Establishment, Multi-agent Systems; Modeling

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