Presentations and Authors

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Bridging the Gap between Task and Motion Planning

Hierarchical Planning for Mobile Manipulation PDF
Jason Wolfe, Bhaskara Marthi, Stuart Russell

Metacognition for Robust Social Systems

Multiagent Meta-Level Control for Predicting Meteorological Phenomena PDF
Shanjun Cheng, Anita Raja, Victor Lesser

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Activity Recognition Based on Home to Home Transfer Learning PDF
Parisa Rashidi, Diane J. Cook
Possibilistic Behavior Recognition in Smart Homes for Cognitive Assistance PDF
Patrice C. Roy, Sylvain Giroux, Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane, Clifton Phua, Andrei Tolstikov, Jit Biswas

Statistical Relational AI

Preface PDF
Kristian Kersting, Stuart Russell, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Alon Halevy, Sriraam Natarajan, Lilyana Mihalkova
Automatic Inference in BLOG PDF
Nimar S. Arora, Stuart Russell, Erik Sudderth
Bayesian Abductive Logic Programs PDF
Sindhu V. Raghavan, Raymond J. Mooney
Declarative Probabilistic Programming for Undirected Graphical Models: Open Up to Scale Up PDF
Sebastian Robert Riedel
An Architectural Approach to Statistical Relational AI PDF
Paul Rosenbloom

Visual Representations and Reasoning

Speculations on Leveraging Graphical Models for Architectural Integration of Visual Representation and Reasoning PDF
Paul Rosenbloom

Workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation

Parallel Best-First Search: The Role of Abstraction PDF
Ethan Burns, Sofia Lemons, Wheeler Ruml, Rong Zhou