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Bridging the Gap between Task and Motion Planning

Closing the Loop between Motion Planning and Task Execution Using Real-Time GPU-Based Planners PDF
Jia Pan, Dinesh Manocha

Collaboratively-Built Knowledge Sources and Artificial Intelligence

Constructing Folksonomies by Integrating Structured Metadata with Relational Clustering PDF
Anon Plangprasopchok, Kristina Lerman, Lise Getoor

Interactive Decision Theory and Game Theory

Mathematical Programming Formulations to Compute Steady States in Two-Player Extensive-Form Games PDF
Nicola Gatti, Sofia Ceppi, Fabio Panozzo
Integrating Opponent Models with Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Poker PDF
Marc Ponsen, Geert Gerritsen, Guillaume Chaslot
MCRNR: Fast Computing of Restricted Nash Responses by Means of Sampling PDF
Marc Ponsen, Marc Lanctot, Steven de Jong

Metacognition for Robust Social Systems

Toward Spoken Dialogue as Mutual Agreement PDF
Susan L. Epstein, Joshua Gordon, Rebecca Passonneau, Tiziana Ligorio
Metacognition for Detecting and Resolving Conflicts in Operational Policies PDF
Darsana Josyula, Bette Donahue, Matthew McCaslin, Michelle Snowden, Michael Anderson, Timothy Oates, Matthew Schmill, Donald Perlis

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Possibilistic Behavior Recognition in Smart Homes for Cognitive Assistance PDF
Patrice C. Roy, Sylvain Giroux, Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane, Clifton Phua, Andrei Tolstikov, Jit Biswas

Statistical Relational AI

Relational Learning for Collective Classification of Entities in Images PDF
Anton Chechetka, Denver Dash, Matthai Philipose
Integrating Structured Metadata with Relational Affinity Propagation PDF
Anon Plangprasopchok, Kristina Lerman, Lise Getoor
Machine Reading: A "Killer App" for Statistical Relational AI PDF
Hoifung Poon, Pedro Domingos

Workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation

Preface PDF
Gregory Provan, Ashish Sabharwal