Presentations and Authors

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Interactive Decision Theory and Game Theory

Mathematical Programming Formulations to Compute Steady States in Two-Player Extensive-Form Games PDF
Nicola Gatti, Sofia Ceppi, Fabio Panozzo
Integrating Opponent Models with Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Poker PDF
Marc Ponsen, Geert Gerritsen, Guillaume Chaslot

Metacognition for Robust Social Systems

Multiagent Meta-Level Control for Predicting Meteorological Phenomena PDF
Shanjun Cheng, Anita Raja, Victor Lesser

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Activity Recognition Based on Home to Home Transfer Learning PDF
Parisa Rashidi, Diane J. Cook

Statistical Relational AI

Relational Learning for Collective Classification of Entities in Images PDF
Anton Chechetka, Denver Dash, Matthai Philipose
Lifted Inference for Relational Continuous Models PDF
Jaesik Choi, David J. Hill, Eyal Amir

Visual Representations and Reasoning

Visual and Spatial Factors in a Bayesian Reasoning Framework for the Recognition of Intended Messages in Grouped Bar Charts PDF
Richard Burns, Sandra Carberry, Stephanie Elzer
Context-Bounded Refinement Filter Algorithm: Improving Recognizer Accuracy of Handwriting in Clock Drawing Test PDF
Hyungsin Kim, Young Suk Cho, Ellen Yi-Luen Do