Presentations and Authors

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Bridging the Gap between Task and Motion Planning

Motion Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Intersection Management PDF
Tsz-Chiu Au, Peter Stone

Collaboratively-Built Knowledge Sources and Artificial Intelligence

Reducing the Dimensionality of Data Streams using Common Sense PDF
Catherine Havasi, Jason Alonso, Robert Speer
Open Mind Common Sense: Crowd-sourcing for Common Sense PDF
Catherine Havasi, Robert Speer, Kenneth Arnold, Henry Lieberman, Jason Alonso, Jesse Moeller

Metacognition for Robust Social Systems

Envisioning a Robust, Scalable Metacognitive Architecture Built on Dimensionality Reduction PDF
Jason Bernardino Alonso, Kenneth C. Arnold, Catherine Havasi
Metacognition for Detecting and Resolving Conflicts in Operational Policies PDF
Darsana Josyula, Bette Donahue, Matthew McCaslin, Michelle Snowden, Michael Anderson, Timothy Oates, Matthew Schmill, Donald Perlis

Statistical Relational AI

Automatic Inference in BLOG PDF
Nimar S. Arora, Stuart Russell, Erik Sudderth
Lifted Inference for Relational Continuous Models PDF
Jaesik Choi, David J. Hill, Eyal Amir
Lifted Message Passing for Satisfiability PDF
Fabian Hadiji, Kristian Kersting, Babak Ahmadi

Visual Representations and Reasoning

Reasoning About Sketches Using Context, Domain Knowledge, and Interaction with the User PDF
Aaron Daniel Adler