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Reducing the Dimensionality of Data Streams using Common Sense
Catherine Havasi, Jason Alonso, Robert Speer

Last modified: 2010-07-07


Increasingly, we need to computationally understand real-time streams of information in places such as news feeds, speech streams, and social networks. We present Streaming AnalogySpace, an efficient technique that discovers correlations in and makes predictions about sparse natural-language data that arrives in a real-time stream. AnalogySpace is a noise-resistant PCA-based inference technique designed for use with collaboratively collected common sense knowledge and semantic networks. Streaming AnalogySpace advances this work by computing it incrementally using CCIPCA, and keeping a dense cache of recently-used features to efficiently represent a sparse and open domain. We show that Streaming AnalogySpace converges to the results of standard AnalogySpace, and verify this by evaluating its accuracy empirically on common-sense predictions against standard AnalogySpace.


common sense; dimensionality reduction; streaming

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