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Mixed-Initiative, Entity-Centric Data Aggregation using Assistopedia
Matthew Michelson, Sofus Macskassy, Steve Minton

Last modified: 2010-07-07


Wikis allow for collaborators to collect information about entities. In turn, such entity information can be used for AI tasks, such as information extraction. However, these collaborators are almost exclusively human users. Allowing arbitrary software agents to act as collaborators can greatly enrich a wiki since agents can contribute structured data to complement the human-contributed, unstructured-data. For instance, agents can import huge volumes of structured data about entities, enriching the pages, and agents can update wiki pages to reflect real-time information changes (e.g., win-loss records in sports). This paper describes an approach that allows for both arbitrary software agents and human users to collaborate. In particular, we address three key problems: agents updating the correct wiki pages, policies for agent updates, and sharing the schema across collaborators. Using our approach, we describe creating entity-focused wikis which include the ability to create dynamic categories of entities based on their wiki pages. These categories dynamically update their membership based upon real-world changes.


mixed-initiative collaboration; wikis and agents

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