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AI and Society: Ethics, Safety and Trustworthiness in Intelligent Agents

Oliver Bendel
The Uncanny Return of Physiognomy PDF
Oliver Bendel
Maintaining the Humanity of Our Models PDF
Umang Bhatt
The Heart of the Matter: Patient Autonomy as a Model for the Wellbeing of Technology Users PDF
Emanuelle Burton, Kristel Clayville, Judy Goldsmith, Nicholas Mattei
Trustworthiness and Safety for Intelligent Ethical Logical Agents via Interval Temporal Logic and Runtime Self-Checking PDF
Stefania Costantini, Giovanni De Gasperis, Abeer Dyoub, Valentina Pitoni
Ethical Considerations for AI Researchers PDF
Kyle Dent
Interactive Agent that Understands the User PDF
Piotr Gmytrasiewicz, George Moe, Adolfo Morena
Toward Beneficial Human-Level AI… and Beyond PDF
Philip C. Jackson Jr.
Preferences and Ethical Principles in Decision Making PDF
Andrea Loreggia, Nicholas Mattei, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable
Importance of Contextual Knowledge in Artificial Moral Agents Development PDF
Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
Towards Provably Moral AI Agents in Bottom-Up Learning Frameworks PDF
Nolan P. Shaw, Andreas Stöckel, Ryan W. Orr, Thomas F. Lidbetter, Robin Cohen
Ethics as Aesthetic for Artificial General Intelligence PDF
Dan Ventura
An Architecture for a Military AI System with Ethical Rules PDF
Yetian Wang, Daniel Friyia, Kanzhe Liu, Robin Cohen
Architecting a Human-Like Emotion-Driven Conscious Moral Mind for Value Alignment and AGI Safety PDF
Mark R. Waser, David J. Kelley
Trustworthy Automated Essay Scoring without Explicit Construct Validity PDF
Patti West-Smith, Stephanie Butler, Elijah Mayfield
The Potential Social Impact of the Artificial Intelligence Divide PDF
Andrew B. Williams

Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Everything

Compositional Models for the Internet of Everything PDF
Spencer Breiner, Ram D. Sriram, Eswaran Subrahmanian
Internet of Things: Securing the Identity by Analyzing Ecosystem Models of Devices and Organizations PDF
Kai Chih Chang, Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, K. Suzanne Barber
Meta-Agents: Managing Dynamism in the Internet of Things (IoT) with Multi-agent Networks PDF
Hesham Fouad, Ira S. Moskowitz
Message Validation Pipeline for Agents of the Internet of Everything PDF
Boris Galitsky
Policy Issues Regarding Implementations of Cyber Attack Resilience Solutions for Cyber Physical Systems PDF
Barry M. Horowitz
On Stream-Centric Learning for Internet of Battlefield Things PDF
Brian A. Jalaian, Alec Koppel, Andre Harrison, James Michaelis, Stephen Russell
Challenges and Characteristics of Intelligent Autonomy for Internet of Battle Things in Highly Adversarial Environments PDF
Alexander Kott
Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Everything PDF
W. F. Lawless, Ranjeev Mittu, Donald Sofge
Active Inference in Multi-Agent Systems: Context-Driven Collaboration and Decentralized Purpose-Driven Team Adaptation PDF
Georgiy Levchuk, Krishna Pattipati, Adam Fouse, Robert McCormack, Daniel Serfaty
Viewing Machines as Teammates: A Qualitative Study PDF
Joseph B. Lyons, Sean Mahoney, Kevin T. Wynne, Mark A. Roebke
Valuable Information and the Internet of Things PDF
Ira S. Moskowitz, Stephen Russell
AI Enabled Blockchain Smart Contracts: Cyber Resilient Energy Infrastructure and IoT PDF
Michael Mylrea
The Smart Data Layer PDF
Magnus Sahlgren, Erik Ylipää, Barry Brown, Karey Helms, Airi Lampinen, Donald McMillan, Jussi Karlgren
The Web of Smart Entities — Towards a Theory of the Next Generation of the Internet of Things PDF
Michael Wollowski, John McDonald, Vishal Kapashi, Benjamin Chodroff

Beyond Machine Intelligence: Understanding Cognitive Bias and Humanity for Well-Being AI

Early Dementia Detection through Conversations to Virtual Personal Assistant PDF
Saleh Ahmed, Mahboob Qaosar, Rizka Wakhidatus Sholikah, Yasuhiko Morimoto
Measuring Cognitive Bias in Spoken Interaction and Conversation: PDF
Christina Alexandris
A Study on the UI of Musical Performance System and Score Representation PDF
Sachiko Deguchi
A Dynamic Learning Model for a Better Personalized Healthcare Using Mobile Health Tools PDF
Amy Wenxuan Ding
Customers’ Retention Requires an Explainability Feature in Machine Learning Systems They Use PDF
Boris Galitsky
Retrieval System for Data Utilization Knowledge Integrating Stakeholders' Interests PDF
Teruaki Hayashi, Yukio Ohsawa
Policy Decision Support System in Aging Society Based on Probabilistic Latent Spatial Semantic Structure Modeling PDF
Ayae Ide, Yoichi Motomura, Takao Terano
Texture Suggestion System Considering the Elderly’s Preference on 3D Printing PDF
Tomohiko Inazumi, Jinhwan Kwon, Shinsaku Hiura, Maki Sakamoto
The Challenges for Understanding Cognitive Bias and Humanity for Well-Being AI — Beyond Machine Intelligence PDF
Takashi Kido, Keiki Takadama
Developing a Dataset for Personal Attacks and Other Indicators of Biases PDF
John Licato, Mark Boger, Zhitian Zhang
A Personalized Method for Calorie Consumption Assessment PDF
Yunshi Liu, Pujana Paliyawan, Takahiro Kusano, Tomohiro Harada, Ruck Thawonmas
IoT-based Emotion Recognition Robot to Enhance Sense of Community in Nursing Home PDF
Shintaro Nagama, Masayuki Numao
Active Online Learning Architecture for Multimodal Sensor-based ADL Recognition PDF
Nobuyuki Oishi, Masayuki Numao
Estimation of Personalized Value through the Analysis of Conversational Data Assisted by Coimagination Method PDF
Mihoko Otake, Masato S. Abe, Masahiro Nochi, Eij Shimizu
Hybrid Sensing and Wearable Smart Device for Health Monitoring and Medication: Opportunities and Challenges PDF
Mahboob Qaosar, Saleh Ahmed, Chen Li, Yasuhiko Morimoto
From Algorithms to Heuristics: Will Androids Ever Make Freudian Slips? PDF
Sadeq Rahimi
Sleep Stage Re-Estimation Method According To Sleep Cycle Change PDF
Yusuke Tajima, Akinori Murata, Tomohiro Harada, Keiki Takadama
Can Machine Learning Correct Commonly Accepted Knowledge and Provide Understandable Knowledge in Care Support Domain? Tackling Cognitive Bias and Humanity from Machine Learning Perspective PDF
Keiki Takadama
Study of Analytical Methods on the Relationship between Sleep Quality and Stress with a focus on Human Circadian Rhythm PDF
Ryo Takano, Satoshi Hasegawa, Yuta Umenai, Takato Tatsumi, Keiki Takadama, Toru Shimuta, Toru Yabe, Hideo Matsumoto
Improving Sleep Stage Estimation Accuracy by Circadian Rhythm Extracted from a Low Frequency Component of Heart Rate PDF
Akari Tobaru, Fumito Uwano, Takuya Iwase, Kazuma Matsumoto, Ryo Takano, Yusuke Tajima, Yuta Umenai, Keiki Takadama
Ensemble Heart Rate Extraction Method for Biological Data from Water Pressure Sensor PDF
Fumito Uwano, Keiki Takadama
Does Digital Dementia Exist? PDF
Hideya Yamamoto, Kaoru Ito, Chihiro Honda, Eiji Aramaki

Data Efficient Reinforcement Learning

Efficient Exploration for Constrained MDPs PDF
Majid Alkaee Taleghan, Thomas G. Dietterich
Towards a Data Efficient Off-Policy Policy Gradient PDF
Josiah P. Hanna, Peter Stone
Bayesian Q-learning with Assumed Density Filtering PDF
Heejin Jeong, Daniel D. Lee
State Abstraction Synthesis for Discrete Models of Continuous Domains PDF
Jacob Menashe, Peter Stone
Run, Skeleton, Run: Skeletal Model in a Physics-Based Simulation PDF
Mikhail Pavlov, Sergey Kolesnikov, Sergey Plis
Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Nonparametric Subgoal Modeling PDF
Adrian Šošić, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Heinz Koeppl
Multiagent Soft Q-Learning PDF
Ermo Wei, Drew Wicke, David Freelan, Sean Luke
Hierarchical Approaches for Reinforcement Learning in Parameterized Action Space PDF
Ermo Wei, Drew Wicke, Sean Luke

The Design of the User Experience for Artificial Intelligence (the UX of AI)

Usability Issues and Guidance for Flexible Execution of Procedural Work PDF
Dorrit Billman, Debra Schreckenghost
Building Bridges: A Case Study in Structuring Human-ML Training Interactions via UX PDF
Johanne Christensen, Benjamin Watson, A. J. Rindos, Stacy Joines
User Interfaces and Scheduling and Planning: Workshop Summary and Proposed Challenges PDF
Richard G. Freedman, Tathagata Chakraborti, Kartik Talamadupula, Daniele Magazzeni, Jeremy D. Frank
Designing for Trust with Machine Learning PDF
Fabien Girardin, Pablo Fleurquin
Revealing Actionable Simplicity in Data PDF
Nick Gisolfi, Artur Dubrawski
Artificial Digitality PDF
Kuldeep Gohel
Towards Natural Cognitive System Training Interactions: A Preliminary Framework PDF
Erik Harpstead, Christopher J. MacLellan, Robert P. Marinier, Kenneth R. Koedinger
Design Methods to Investigate User Experiences of Artificial Intelligence PDF
Karey Helms, Barry Brown, Magnus Sahlgren, Airi Lampinen
Designing Therapeutic Care Experiences with AI in Mind PDF
Aisling Kelliher, Barbara Barry
Insectile Indices PDF
Yeawon Kim
The Importance of UX for Machine Teaching PDF
Martin Lindvall, Jesper Molin, Jonas Löwgren
Trees of Knowledge: Designing with Artificial Intelligence in the Urban Landscape PDF
Xiaoxuan Liu, Godiva Veliganilao Reisenbichler
The UX of AI: Using Google Clips to Understand how a Human-Centered Design Process Elevates Artificial Intelligence PDF
Josh Lovejoy
FutureCrafting. A Speculative Method for an Imaginative AI PDF
Betti Marenko
A Panel on Cybernetics and the User Experience of AI Systems PDF
Nikolas Martelaro, Wendy Ju
Knowledge Design — Towards an Inclusive, AI Design Practice PDF
Christine Meinders, Selwa Sweidan
Challenges and Methods in Design of Domain-specific Voice Assistants PDF
Sarah Mennicken, Ruth Brillman, Jennifer Thom, Henriette Cramer
Intelligent Devices Retirement Preserve: (un) Natural Wonders PDF
Michael Milano
Talk to Me About Pong: On Using Conversational Interfaces for Mixed-Initiative Game Design PDF
Afshin Mobramaein, Jim Whitehead, Chandranil Chakraborttii
How Can I Cook with This: User Experience Challenges for AI in the Home Kitchen PDF
Johnathan Pagnutti
Procedure Automation: Sharing Work with Users PDF
Debra Schreckenghost, Scott Bell, David Kortenkamp, James Kramer
Assessing and Addressing Algorithmic Bias - But Before We Get There... PDF
Aaron Springer, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Henriette Cramer
What Are You Hiding? Algorithmic Transparency and User Perceptions PDF
Aaron Springer, Steve Whittaker
Hey Scout: Designing a Browser-Based Voice Assistant PDF
Janice Y. Tsai, Jofish Kaye
Committee of Infrastructure: Civic Agency and Representation PDF
Jason Wong
Machine Learning as a UX Design Material: How Can We Imagine Beyond Automation, Recommenders, and Reminders? PDF
Qian Yang

Integrating Representation, Reasoning, Learning, and Execution for Goal Directed Autonomy

Robot Behavioral Exploration and Multi-modal Perception using Dynamically Constructed Controllers PDF
Saeid Amiri, Suhua Wei, Shiqi Zhang, Jivko Sinapov, Jesse Thomason, Peter Stone
Validation of Hierarchical Plans via Parsing of Attribute Grammars PDF
Roman Bartak, Adrien Maillard, Rafael C. Cardoso
Situated Planning for Execution Under Temporal Constraints PDF
Michael Cashmore, Andrew Coles, Bence Cserna, Erez Karpas, Daniele Magazzeni, Wheeler Ruml
Creating and Using Tools in a Hybrid Cognitive Architecture PDF
Dongkyu Choi, Pat Langley, Son Thanh To
Flexible Goal-Directed Agents' Behavior via DALI MASs and ASP Modules PDF
Stefania Costantini, Giovanni De Gasperis
Perspectives on the Validation and Verification of Machine Learning Systems in the Context of Highly Automated Vehicles PDF
Werner Damm, Martin Fränzle, Sebastian Gerwinn, Paul Kröger
SiRoK: Situated Robot Knowledge - Understanding the Balance Between Situated Knowledge and Variability PDF
Angel Andres Daruna, Vivian Chu, Weiyu Liu, Meera Hahn, Priyanka Khante, Sonia Chernova, Andrea Thomaz
Teaching Virtual Agents to Perform Complex Spatial-Temporal Activities PDF
Tuan Do, Nikhil Krishnaswamy, James Pustejovsky
Planning Hierarchies and their Connections to Language PDF
Nakul Gopalan
Learning Generalized Reactive Policies using Deep Neural Networks PDF
Edward Groshev, Aviv Tamar, Maxwell Goldstein, Siddharth Srivastava, Pieter Abbeel
Constraint-Based Online Transformation of Abstract Plans into Executable Robot Actions PDF
Till Hofmann, Victor Mataré, Stefan Schiffer, Alexander Ferrein, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Learning to Act in Partially Structured Dynamic Environment PDF
Chen Huang, Lantao Liu, Gaurav Sukhatme
Representation, Use, and Acquisition of Affordances in Cognitive Systems PDF
Pat Langley, Mohan Sridharan, Ben Meadows
Learning Planning Operators from Episodic Traces PDF
David Menager, Dongkyu Choi, Mark Roberts, David W. Aha
Human-Agent Teaming as a Common Problem for Goal Reasoning PDF
Matthew Molineaux, Michael W. Floyd, Dustin Dannenhauer, David W. Aha
Interaction and Learning in a Humanoid Robot Magic Performance PDF
Kyle John Morris, John Anderson, Meng Cheng Lau, Jacky Baltes
Position Paper: Reasoning About Domains with PDDL PDF
Alexander Shleyfman, Erez Karpas
On Chatbots Exhibiting Goal-Directed Autonomy in Dynamic Environments PDF
Biplav Srivastava
Safe Goal-Directed Autonomy and the Need for Sound Abstractions PDF
Siddharth Srivastava
Exploiting Micro-Clusters to Close The Loop in Data-Mining Robots for Human Monitoring PDF
Einoshin Suzuki
Learning Abstractions by Transferring Abstract Policies to Grounded State Spaces PDF
Lawson L. S. Wong
Information-Efficient Model Identification for Tensegrity Robot Locomotion PDF
Shaojun Zhu, David Surovik, Kostas Bekris, Abdeslam Boularias

Learning, Inference, and Control of Multi-Agent Systems

Learning Machines PDF
Magnus Boman, Magnus Sahlgren, Olof Görnerup, Daniel Gillblad
Learning in Ad-hoc Anti-coordination Scenarios PDF
Panayiotis Danassis, Boi Faltings
Learning Against Non-Stationary Agents with Opponent Modelling and Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Richard Everett, Stephen Roberts
Bayesian Opponent Exploitation in Imperfect-Information Games PDF
Sam Ganzfried, Qingyun Sun
Learning Others' Intentional Models in Multi-Agent Settings Using Interactive POMDPs PDF
Yanlin Han, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning under Periodical Observability PDF
Richard Klima, Karl Tuyls, Frans A. Oliehoek
Towards AI that Can Solve Social Dilemmas PDF
Alexander Peysakhovich, Adam Lerer
LfD Training of Heterogeneous Formation Behaviors PDF
William G. Squires, Sean Luke