AAAI Publications, 2018 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Can Machine Learning Correct Commonly Accepted Knowledge and Provide Understandable Knowledge in Care Support Domain? Tackling Cognitive Bias and Humanity from Machine Learning Perspective
Keiki Takadama

Last modified: 2018-03-15


This paper focuses on care support knowledge (especially focuses on the sleep related knowledge) and tackles its cognitive bias and humanity aspects from machine learning perspective through discussion of whether machine learning can correct commonly accepted knowledge and provide understandable knowledge in care support domain. For this purpose, this paper starts by introducing our data mining method (based on association rule learning) that can provide only necessary number of understandable knowledge without probabilities even if its accuracy slightly becomes worse, and shows its effectiveness in care plans support systems for aged persons as one of healthcare systems. The experimental result indicates that (1) our method can extract a few simple knowledge as understandable knowledge that clarifies what kinds of activities (e.g., rehabilitation, bathing) in care house contribute to having a deep sleep, but (2) the apriori algorithm as one of major association rule learning methods is hard to provide such knowledge because it needs calculate all combinations of activities executed by aged persons.


data mining, machine learning, apriori, learning classifier system

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