AAAI Publications, 2018 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Hybrid Sensing and Wearable Smart Device for Health Monitoring and Medication: Opportunities and Challenges
Mahboob Qaosar, Saleh Ahmed, Chen Li, Yasuhiko Morimoto

Last modified: 2018-03-15


Global health-care systems are struggling with rapid increasing of aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and raising of medical treatment costs. In this paper, we proposed a hybrid sensing and wearable device for health informatics and emergency medication. The proposed device will include some of the existing individual modules for monitoring health attributes and emergency medication. Moreover, it will also include information communication modules, which will assist the prescribed physician and health center to monitor the patient remotely. In addition, the communication modules will enable the device to communicate automatically with emergency medical services when needed. Furthermore, the proposed device will also act as a virtual medical assistant to advice regular medicine to the patient according to his/her prescription.

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