AAAI Publications, 2018 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Study of Analytical Methods on the Relationship between Sleep Quality and Stress with a focus on Human Circadian Rhythm
Ryo Takano, Satoshi Hasegawa, Yuta Umenai, Takato Tatsumi, Keiki Takadama, Toru Shimuta, Toru Yabe, Hideo Matsumoto

Last modified: 2018-03-15


The purpose of this study is to find novel knowledge to clarify the relationship between the sleep quality and the degree of the mental stress. For this purpose, we focus on not only these two indices (the quality of sleep and the degree of the mental stress), but also the human circadian rhythm as the new index for analysis. Through three types of data measured during the night-time sleep and during the day, we tried to inspect the usefulness of the human circadian rhythm for the index of the analysis. In this paper, data of these three indices were measured by the single subject experiment of about two weeks and analyzed comprehensively. In the analysis, we categorize good / middle / bad for each index every few days, and investigating the relationship between the three indices by summarizing the transition of the categories of the three indices. As a result, by comparing three types of data of ten-odd days in parallel, we obtained the following findings: (1) These three indices have been moving with a similar trend in units of days; (2) those trends coincide details from the simple diary written by the subject. As a result, by comparing three types of data of ten-odd days in parallel, these data were related to each other.


Human Circadian Rhythm; Sleep Stage Estimation; Mental Stress

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