AAAI Publications, 2018 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Trustworthiness and Safety for Intelligent Ethical Logical Agents via Interval Temporal Logic and Runtime Self-Checking
Stefania Costantini, Giovanni De Gasperis, Abeer Dyoub, Valentina Pitoni

Last modified: 2018-03-15


Implementing Machine Ethics in Intelligent Agents involves trustworthiness and safety, meaning that agents should do what is expected they should do (at least, even in case of malfunctioning of any kind, concerning high-priority goals) and should not behave in unexpected potentially harmful ways. This topics are strongly related with "assurance", i.e., to ensuring that system users can rely upon the system. This paper deals with assurance of logical agent systems via temporal-logic-based runtime self-monitoring and checking.


Logical Agents; Temporal Logic; Run-time Checking

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