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Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems

Interactive Machine Learning for End-User Innovation PDF
Francisco Bernardo, Michael Zbyszynski, Rebecca Fiebrink, Mick Grierson
When User Experience Designers Partner with Data Scientists PDF
Fabien Girardin, Neal Lathia
Challenges in Providing Automatic Affective Feedback in Instant Messaging Applications PDF
Chieh-Yang Huang, Ting-Hao Kenneth Huang, Lun-Wei Ku
An Experimentation Engine for Data-Driven Fashion Systems PDF
Ranjitha Kumar, Kristen Vaccaro
A Portable Navigation System with an Adaptive Multimodal Interface for the Blind PDF
Jacobus Cornelius Lock, Grzegorz Cielniak, Nicola Bellotto
Communicating Machine Learned Choices to E-Commerce Users PDF
Narayanan Seshadri, Gyanit Singh, Justin House, Mukesh Nathan, Nish Parikh
The Role of Design in Creating Machine-Learning-Enhanced User Experience PDF
Qian Yang
Not-so-Autonomous, Very Human Decisions in Machine Learning: Questions When Designing for ML PDF
Henriette Cramer, Jenn Thom
Design implications for Designing with a Collaborative AI PDF
Janin Koch
DJ Bot: Needfinding Machines for Improved Music Recommendations PDF
Nikolas Martelaro, Wendy Ju
Exploring Synergies between Visual Analytical Flow and Language Pragmatics PDF
Vidya Setlur, Melanie Tory
Dice in the Black Box: User Experiences with an Inscrutable Algorithm PDF
Aaron Springer, Victoria Hollis, Steve Whittaker
Reimagining the Goals and Methods of UX for ML/AI PDF
Philip van Allen
How Anticipatory Design Will Challenge Our Relationship with Technology PDF
Joël van Bodegraven
Privacy by Design in Machine Learning Data Collection: A User Experience Experimentation PDF
Jonathan Vitale, Meg Tonkin, Suman Ojha, Mary-Anne Williams, Xun Wang, William Judge