2013 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

Stanford University

March 25, 2013 – March 27, 2013

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, is pleased to present the 2013 Spring Symposium Series, to be held Monday through Wednesday, March 25–27, 2013 at Stanford University. The titles of the eight symposia are (1) Analyzing Microtext; (2) Creativity and (Early) Cognitive Development: A Perspective from Artificial Creativity, (2) Developmental AI and Robotics; (3) Data Driven Wellness: From Self-Tracking to Behavior Change; (4) Designing Intelligent Robots: Reintegrating AI; (5) Lifelong Machine Learning; (6) Shikakeology: Designing Triggers for Behavior Change; (7) Trust and Autonomous Systems; and (8) Weakly Supervised Learning from Multimedia.

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